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 Posted: Thu Feb 3rd, 2011 12:32 am
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The GAZ AA & AAA trucks were made from US (GMC/Chevy) designs by the Russians. Matter of fact, the US gave them some 1930's model trucks as "lend lease" and there are models of these also. ZVEZDA makes these models in 1:35 scale along with the KATYUSA rocket launcher truck which is a desd ringer for a GMC model. These trucks are not as "modern" looking as the British car shown, and I will look for something that would be available in the US, I doubt that such a car would be found in the wilds of New Mexico. The car kind of reminds me of an early 1940's Chevy...maybe that's what I want. Again, thanks for the inspiration.

BTW-anyone wanting the ZVEZDA kits can find them and more at SQUADRON on line.


***The AA & AAA trucks were FORD designs...that's what I get for reading a kit's instructions. I promise to never do that again! Thanks to Herb "Mr Ford" Kephart for showing me the error of my ways. From now on, instruction sheets will be burned upon opening a new kit!*************

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