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 Posted: Thu Feb 3rd, 2011 02:30 pm
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mosslake1 wrote: My On30 logging line is still in the early stages but I've been thinking of a model 'T' railcar along similar lines.
I don't know whether they're available in Australia, but some UK model shops have recently been selling these - I wonder if they might be usable as donor models:

A number of 1:43 etched brass kits have also appeared of Model T based railmotors - like this Branchlines kit, which was built by a member of the British forum site RMweb:

While on the subject of models of old vehicles, some people might be wondering why I mentioned the Zvezda kits of GAZ AAs and AAAs (especially as I don't even model in 1:35). I've liked Wismar railbuses for some time. As I can't get O scale kits of these locally (or anywhere, at a price I can afford), I've been looking out for suitably sized (and priced) kits of the Ford AAs that I believe they were based on.

A few months back, I noticed one of the GAZ AAA kits in a model shop - and thought it looked familiar. This led to me doing some research on the web. (It also got me thinking about why some sites are known as search engines, as opposed to find engines - probably best if I don't go any further on this issue ... !)

A number of sources were suggesting that the GAZ AAs and AAAs were effectively Ford AAs, built under licence - I don't know the truth of this, as I've never seen one of the things for real. Even if I did know, I wouldn't get too worried about it.

OK, so I'd identified a kit with the hood styling I was looking for - unfortunately not in a scale I can use, so the idea goes on the back burner. If I come across one locally in a different scale, I might go for it (on the other hand, I might not - depends on the cost and whether I'm still interested) - time will tell.

My reason for mentioning the kits was really to show how a number of much older designs were still being made in some places, years after the original manufacturer had washed their hands of them - that was really about it.

Moving on, it isn't hard to see why the "Tilly" kit looked similar to a number of Chevrolets and Bedfords of the era (and some years later). In case they're of interest to anyone, here are some links to some Bedfords, seen at rallies. First, here's a Bedford K:

Now a Bedford O truck, followed by a Bedford OB bus:

It might be interesting to compare these to some WW2 LRDG Chevrolet trucks. Apart from the wheelarches and front grille and fender being built up a bit - and variations in wheelbase - the vehicles look very similar:

This would probably make the Tamiya / Revell / Italeri kits very plausible as base models. Whether anyone chooses to use them is another matter...

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