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 Posted: Sun Feb 20th, 2011 03:10 am
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What's your best method to create reproducible round or arch cuts in styrene sheet?

I've been cutting the styrene sheet square, drawing the arch on with a pencil, then filing it into shape. 
This takes a lot of time and doesn't create very reproducible parts.

I've also seen guys who print out several copies of a arch shape on paper, tape them to the styrene sheet, 
then use an xacto to score a couple of passes freehand based on the paper pattern then snap to shape. 

This seems like a decent method.

But I ran across one of these tonight....

Circle Cutter - On eBay

It's basically a plastic compass with a blade on the end which for styrene I'm wondering if it would be enough to score and snap.

Anyone have any better techniques?

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