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 Posted: 15 May 2011 01:30 pm
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Huw Griffiths

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That picture of a Reliant 3/30 van takes me back a bit.

I know a yellow one appeared in the BBC TV sitcom "Only Fools and Horses" - but this isn't why I remember them:

About 40 years back, someone I know had one of the car version (known as a Reliant Regal).

He didn't like the thing very much - it was cramped, unstable and very difficult to work on. Also, if he needed to get at the engine, the only access was a tiny hatch halfway up the bonnet.

I'm also not sure how rigid the GRP bodyshell was.

Saying all this, I know the things have their enthusiasts. I also know that I'm not among them.

I'm not completely sure about this, but I suspect their popularity might have something to do with some "grey areas" in the UK driver licensing laws at the time.



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