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 Posted: Tue May 31st, 2011 04:56 pm
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I believe this may be "operations", I know it helps the MRy's Supt. when he's on the prowl. Since there are turntables at each end of the line and even one on the Gila Tram, the Model T has no trouble when out on the road. The one place where there was trouble is down on the spur along Main St. in Mogollon. The Model T overheats when run in reverse so when it was used on that spur, it became a hassle to get back on the main without the radiator almost exploding. The shop foreman came up with this device (copied from many used on other roads) to help out. Besides, the Super wants to be able to drop in at the Bloated Goat for a "drink" and he is the boss.

Here you can see this little device at the end of the spur, right in front of the "watering hole".

The Model T drives across the little turntable and gets lifted from the rails.

Then the car is turned to go out from downtown and set back down on the rails...sometimes the Supt needs help from the bar patrons to get the T back on the track properly!

Here's the little turntable. It simply sits in a pit below the track (still to be finished), the car rolls across it, gets lifted and turned, and set back down. I am sure that there should be some sort of "device" to make the TT rise, maybe it is hydraulic, but is now operated by a giant hand beneath the layout. I'll be jiggered since it does work and provides another bit of "operation" on the layout. The lift was made from some brass pieces soldered together, no plans were used or nitpickers hung in the process.


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