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 Posted: Sun Jun 5th, 2011 01:19 am
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Russ-I am very familiar with the Wobbly, Bobbly, Turnover & Stop...I grew up in Waco, TX...the Waco in the WBT&S. There were quite a few "unique" operations in the South and here in Tejas. The Bartlett & Western in central Texas used (in later years) Fordson rail tractors to haul the cotton and cotton oil. The bridges were so bad that the crew would set the throttle on the Fordson and walk across the creeks beside the bridges as the "loco" and train slowly ran across. This railroad also closed down a few days each year when the crickets and grasshoppers infested the crops...they would get squished by the train and it would lose traction so they just let the critters run their course. There is more....but later maybe.


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