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 Posted: Sun Oct 2nd, 2011 04:37 pm
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For some time, I have been thinking about yet another locomotive for the Mogollon Railway..not that the railroad actually needs another loco, or maybe I am just loco..Anyway, I have this Russian kit for a "GAZ-AA" WW2 truck which is really a copy of an old American truck, the unbuilt kit was getting a nice dust covering on the shelf. I had this "great idea" about bringing infernal combustification to the railroad, based upon 2 Bachmann On30 Davenport mechanisms which had been part of a forgotten "swap" a few years back. My friend Mopman had given me a couple of old HO diesel body shells which could be the basis for such a monstrosity. These "parts" sat on the crowded workbench and tried to lose themselves for quite some time; I would move them around sometimes and think about a future loco. Then the other day it "hit" me...why not put the Davenport mechs under the GAZ truck and make a real something or other (other is the operative word here). I love critters and unusual locomotives, so both desires came together in what will unfold here. This will not really be a "how to" but maybe a "possible project" for those in other scales with other parts to use.

Here you see the kit box, replete with unknown Russian words, for the 1:35 scale GAZ-AA and the beginnings of this model in front. But wait-there's more!

The two Bachmann On30 Davenport mechanisms, one without a motor (front truck), and the motorized rear truck. Also note that the front truck has been reduced in length (a nasty job involving a reenforced Dremel cutoff wheel), the rear truck will get the same treatment. Why just one truck powered? Well, the new loco (what I will call it) has great traction from just the one powered truck and this loco will be used for "minimal" trains-moving a water car, insulated boxcar, maybe even a crew coach. No need to "fire up" a Shay or other steam loco for just a small train.

So far, here's what she looks like. I just stuck the cab & hood together to get an idea of what will come later, this is just what I wanted! I will power this loco with a single speed r/c board from a $7 toy car and a 3.7 volt Li Poly battery, both items can be hidden under the cab and in the stake body to be added later. Now, why one speed? The battery runs the mechanism very nice & slow and has enough power to drive the loco and a car up the 10% grade on the hi-line without problem. I can imagine that the "real thing" would just run along in first gear anyway. As Hannibal Smith said-"I love it when a plan comes together". There will be more as the project continues, but I had to start somewhere.

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