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 Posted: Mon Oct 3rd, 2011 07:26 pm
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Herb Kephart wrote: Want to really blow some minds?

Figure a way to make the siderods on the front truck go backwards.

Somehow, I wasn't expecting to see the Bachmann Davenport mechs used like gear towers - I'm sure someone must have tried it, but it sounds like a load of hassle.

As for the 1:35 GAZ AA (or AAA) kit, I know that some people have also used this one for On30 kitbashes (I should know - I've already posted a link to one such conversion on another site).

I've actually been wondering about something similar myself - the ZelmerOz site includes a 1:48 railmotor drawing , which comes out very similar in size to this kit. Chances are I won't end up building this one - I'm not sure how the "4 wheel bogie + single axle" chassis would handle the sort of curves found on some On30 layouts (and then there's the little matter of a layout ...).

Probably best if I don't think too long about hoods from 2 of these kits, with a passenger car body between them (especially when I don't seem to be finding time for any modelling - never mind "new" projects)!

Certainly though, this kit looks rather interesting - and the model looks very good.


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