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 Posted: Tue Oct 4th, 2011 10:19 pm
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Here's an underbody view which shows the tiny toy car board. The thing fits right in between the frame members and is held in place by a bit of styrene angle stock. The white wire is the antenna, I plan on putting a "cb" type whip antenna on this later. The wiring is simple and the tiny battery fits under the hood. The hood & cab can be removed to get at the battery. I found that the tractive effort wasn't what I wanted but after an application of Pliobond to the drivers, she is able to haul 2 cars up the 10% grade. Just right.

Still much to do, the truck needs a real wooden stake body instead of the plastic one, cab interior, driver, stuff on running boards, and stuff in the bed to hide the motor. I am still thinking about a 2 tone paint job...

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