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 Posted: 16 Nov 2011 10:39 am
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I cut a majority of my stripwood from 3/4" scrap pine board (clear) left over from 1:1 jobs.   Much of this scrap can be had for free on home building job sites, just for the asking.

I rip this down to thickness desired (down to 1/32") on my full size table saw BUT using a 7 1/4" fine kerf Tenryu blade

I then take the 3/4" wide strips and cut them to stripwood width on this saw, a modified Harbor Freight $39 saw, with a very thin kerf blade (not the one with the saw).

I bought the 4" thin kerf blade from Thurston

I have tried the slitting tools but found the pine wood grain is too coarse and wavy to get a good cut.

This build was all made with pine stripwood from my shop.

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