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 Posted: Mon Dec 19th, 2011 01:48 pm
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I have been thinking about a new project for the winter months when for four months I don’t work. Cold weather and racing cars or bikes don’t mix.

I have a small space available between the American HO switching layout and the corner where I keep the Two Sister’s Farm layout.

It measures 6 feet long and would be 6 inches wide at one end and fifteen inches wide at the other. It would in fact be bolted to the back of the Benson west yard by coach bolts.

By way of a change and because they are much improved nowadays it will be British outline.

I have at last made a tentative start on my shunting plank layout. It doesn’t have a name yet.

The location is somewhere on the Welsh and English borders, not sure where exactly.

Originally the small station and yard were on a line that carried on for some distance into Wales to an unnamed terminus. After the severe winter weather in 1947 flooding further down the line washed out a bridge and severed the route. It was decided that it would be uneconomic to repair the bridge so the track was lifted back as far as the station I am modelling. This section remains fairly busy because of a quarry and a military establishment. There is also still the local traffic in coal, cattle, sheep and general farm products both in and out.

The period modelled is the early 1950’s.

This could make a project for a beginner with little space who was interested in realistic operation.

A view looking down on the single track fiddle yard. The back of CC layout ( ore loader ) at top of photo can clearly be seen.

Road bridge hiding fiddle yard (a rather grand name for a piece of single track) and station platform.

Platform and station buildings with coal and builders merchants siding at the front.

Goods yard area, flats at back are a modified from a Metcalf brewery kit. Representing from left to right, Farmer’s Association Feed and Seed. Farmer’s warehouse and store and raised loading area for horses, cattle and sheep.

Looking into goods yard area, headshunt is the original line before the bridge washout in 1947. Pannier standing at water tower, I will probably add small coaling stage opposite.

Collet 0-4-2 with toad about to depart for mainline junction connection. Looking towards the entrance door which restricts fiddle yard width to one track.

Peter M

Peter M
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