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 Posted: Wed Dec 21st, 2011 01:47 am
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Yes, price is and will be a consideration. However, I remember when the PFM sound system/throttle was about $ the days when a nice MRC dc power pack was $14.95. The PFM sold out and was the start of the fascination with sound effects. These days, it is "old hat" being analog and all but still had/has the best sounds (my opinion). One of the precursors of DCC was the old GE Astrack. I don't know anyone who used one, but it was probably the first DCC type control. Then later, Hornby brought out their Zero One system which was also early DCC. Their decoders were small enough to fit into N scale steamers' tenders and the little locos actually ran much better with a constant voltage on the rails, again-something that is normal today. The Zero One cost about 200 bucks also, but it did the job. Oh well, I digress...
Yes, this hobby is expensive today...that old Athearn HO SW 1500 switcher used to be $9.95, now if you can find one, it may be $179. But today's SW doesn't need any detail parts or the time it takes to glue on all that is already done for you. Thanks for listening to the ramblings of an old man...

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