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 Posted: Thu Dec 22nd, 2011 06:45 pm
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In a perfect world our trains would run just like the full sized ones. Each independant of the other in every respect.

Radio control for each cab and independant power supply for each is one possibility. DCC is the other. DCC uses a common buss (the track) to transmit instructions to the locomotive and to power the motor, lights and sound.

While its not a perfect system it is pretty good. Better in most regards for the average person than either DC or RC.

Nearly all DCC systems operate on the same theory. Data is sent to a receiver in the cab and the cab responds accordingly. This is the Digital part of DCC.

Each command has a binary neumeric value. This value gets translated into a working command for the receiver. This is then translated to action.

Most DCC systems will allow you to taylor your cab to an extent. Programming each Cab gives you flexability to custom each one. Or you can use the "factory" presets.

A major consideration for me is Ease of use, Real people support, Reputation for durability, Possibility of expansion and availibity of parts and accessories.

The two most popular systems seem to be Digi trac and NCE. Since I have an NCE dealer very close to me and who also is familar with the product, I chose them.

I have no doubt that DigiTrac would be fine too. So far I have no complaints with the NCE system.

Be advised that there is a learning curve involved. At first it may seem confusing. After using it it becomes less so.

Good luck and Merry Christmas.

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