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 Posted: 3 May 2012 07:54 pm
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Thanks Herb.  Not sure how I posted twice, but could have been influenced by the red wine !

Drum/thickness sanders are fairly easy and cheap to make too - plenty of free plans on the web.  They're a reat asset when milling wood as you can get the scale size exact and not as dangerous to trim thin strips as on a big tablesaw.

My process tends to be:

1. Rouch cut logs with chainsaw
2. Square up and cut into bilets with tablesaw (10" Ryobi cheapy)
3. Mill into scale lumber with bandsaw (old Ryobi 9" with home-made fence) and now with Proxxon FET tablesaw
4. Finish dimensioning and sanding with Byrnes thickness sander

Takes a little while, but I reckon I will easily recover the tool costs compared to buying commercial scale wood, and I can make any size rather than compromising, and use a variety of species.



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