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 Posted: Mon May 28th, 2012 08:18 pm
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Wow! its been almost a year since this topic

has seen any activity, it would have been longer

but I was clearing space in the hobby room and

I found my little stock car hiding under all kinds of

plans and unfinnished stuf. Looking it over and

you will see in the pics that this first attempt

at casting was a success in at least learning

what not to do and what should have been done.

Don't get me wrong, the mold is something I

can work with and build credible cars, but I

am thinking about building another master

and trying again. Time will tell.

So here are the pictures with the side boards

painted and placed.

I am now attempting to cast trucks for this car,

as I type the resin is curing in a mold and it

needs time to harden. Pictures tonite!


Pasco, Wa.

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