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 Posted: Mon Jun 11th, 2012 07:46 pm
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Mike-the skills to build brass locos is really a lost art. If you look back in ancient Model Railroader (long before it became a rich dude's RTR rag), there were guys showing how to build brass locos using files, a jeweler's saw, a Yankee drill, and some screwdrivers...the soldering irons needed kilns to get heated. Back then, if you needed a cross compound Westinghouse air pump (PSC and everybody else makes castings now), you either made it from 35 bits of brass or you did without! Skills like those needed were learned from years of learning to make things by yourself. Herb Kephart is an example of such a modeler, his work is top rate and he makes everything (except the motors) himself. Yes, wheels, gears, everything. I stand in awe of those skills, very very few posess them now. Muj is of that lost generation, he has forgotten more than we will ever know.
Where does one learn? I suppose the info can be found on the net today, practice makes perfect and be prepared to make mistakes...many of them. There are some guys who still walk the old paths, one young dude is Jeff Bisonette, he builds HOn2(not erzatz HOn30 wannabees using N gauge mechs.) locos from brass, and he has made a couple of HOn18 locos. The mind reels at such stuff.
I don't know if I can really answer your question, the techniques are part of a bygone era.


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