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 Posted: Mon Jun 18th, 2012 02:06 pm
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These little fellows are found in Best's Mexican Narrow Gauge, I thought some would like to see them here. They were built by GE and are 30" gauge. I haven't seen any HOn30 or On30 electric lines (I don't think I have seen any) and these would be relatively easy to build, or so it seems.

F C M de Chia used these guys. They are shown hauling ore in what look like Grandt Line Koppell bottom dump cars.

And this little guy, just neat as all git out. Minerales N De Mexico used this GE boxcab and reportedly had a couple of more.

Now, get out the brass & plastic, a diesel mechanism (2 or 4 axles), and some pantographs. This stuff actually makes me want to model an electric ore hauler!


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