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 Posted: Mon Aug 27th, 2012 08:27 am
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  WOW !! I learned TWO things from this thread , one that M F stands for many things one of them starting with Malcom, but pretty much have the same meaning according to a lot of folks! :shocked:

   The other More important thing is that the State of Colorado has a bunch of people into things rail related --:rah::glad: Thats where I will be starting next month.  Perhaps some of you will be close to where I am going to be--- Granby .

  I don't know much about Furlow , but I did find inspiration in the scenery and composition he did , but probably no more than several others, Hayden, Jon Olson, Frary, Heck, I even liked E. L. Moore :old dude:and his balsa wood!  Of course the master of all was John Allen . I am overwhelmed when I see his to the floor canyon -- I want to do one like it some day.

  There is one more thing that someone did in Narrow Gauge Gazette , it was called  "A ticket to Tincup" I think was that also Malcom or if not who was it. 




instant glue?--- SOLDER----- NOW THATS INSTANT!
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