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 Posted: Mon Aug 27th, 2012 07:21 pm
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Herb Kephart wrote: Interesting story Dave.

And I agree that most of the folks that say, or think to themselves, "I can't do that", could--if they get over the mental block.

I think that I did a piece on soldering way back here on FreeRails--but the two places that folks have problems when they try to solder are.

The objects have to be clean. This means--squeeky, scrubby, you can lick it, no germs clean. File, abrasive paper, Bright Boy abrasive block, CLEAN.

Second place where failure rears it's ugly head is- not enough heat. If the soldering "iron" will melt the solder readily, you have enough TEMPERATURE, but you still might not have enough HEAT (think BTU's) You have to have enough mass in the soldering iron that the heat is transferred almost instantly to the area to be soldered and the solder flows. This is the "secret" to putting one piece on a boiler without two adjacent ones falling off. You can't do much with a 25 watt iron, except solder small wires, A good choice for scratch building would be a 125 (or larger) watt iron.

Don't try soldering with a small torch, or a resistance rig, until you have mastered the use of an iron.

In model building, a torch is most useful for starting small workbench fires.

Herb , I seldom disagree with anything you say , and knowing the caliber of your work, am somewhat hesitant to do so now.   However, I find a torch , I use a Blazer Gb2001, to be invaulable in building with  brass or other solderable metals.  It provides instant heat where and when you want it. It makes it easy to attach small parts to , say , a Boiler . The secret, if you will ,is to "tin" the part to be attached so it has solder already at the scene,  so as soon as the heat make a liquid of the solder , it's time to remove the heat -- NOW!! -- I find it helpful in fussy details to use a spray bottle with water to aid in instant cooling.    I also have an assortment of solders with different melting temps , start with the highest , add more parts with lower ones.  As far as clean goes , you are 100% there but beyond that use a GOOD flux, none of this fluxcore solder stuff, get some good acid flux-- the acid flux sold by Sta-Bright is the best I have found , their solder is also one of the ones I like . If it can stll be found there was a flux called SalMet  that I got some of years ago , not sure who sold it --Kemtron?? . Probably Sta-Brite is the best you will find , try to get the BIG 4 oz bottle,  the tiny bit that comes wqith Sta-Brite solder will be gone long before the solder.  Dave , I have no connection with Harris products, honest  , HARRIS

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