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 Posted: Mon Aug 27th, 2012 07:31 pm
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mwiz64 wrote: Say, speaking of American Beauty... They have some nice how-to info about soldering right here.


 Mike a lot of folks swear by resistance soldering , I have tried it and completely abandoned it. I confess I never tried a commercial product like American Beauty the 500 .00 dollar and up price kept my hands in my pocket. A couple of the model mags. had articles on building your own rig-- I did build one according to the article --worked fine BUT was much too low a wattage to do much. Now that I had the basics down I searched around and found a transformer that would produce about 250 watts , got that built --still could do much better with my little blazer Soo-  :us:    ----- I regressed back to the stone age sitting around the fire making sure it did not go out!



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instant glue?--- SOLDER----- NOW THATS INSTANT!
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