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 Posted: Mon Aug 27th, 2012 08:38 pm
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wclm wrote: Dave
     Are you moving in or vacationing? There is a lot to see if your just vacationing,but if you get to take up residence it will be easier to get the full affect. Hope you enjoy either one.
                                  Clif K

 I am MOVING there My son and I bought a house there , he has lived there several years now .

 I have retired and he had been after me for several years to make the move so now I have no more excuse.

  I am sure I will love Colorado as soon as I get used to  the 9000 plus altitude where our house is . My 4 year old grandaughter is a big part of the excitement of going --she has promised to teach me  to fish-- even said she would put the squiggly worms on the hook if they scare me --- how can you turn an offer like down?


instant glue?--- SOLDER----- NOW THATS INSTANT!
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