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 Posted: Tue Aug 28th, 2012 11:38 pm
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wclm wrote: Dave
I'm sure you will enjoy it. As the crow flies I,m not to far from you, but as for the highway, that is just a few more miles.I am on the other side of the hills and just north of Denver. Maybe we can hook up some time.

Clif K


      Hooking up will be more than possible . I am being offered the opportunity ?? to drive  bus part time in Denver , the same company runs your bus service as in Las Vegas , where I just retired from. Might set up to work say--- a week a month, I like doing the job , but just got tired of 14 -16 hour days even if only 4 days a week.     

  So  like Glen Campbell sang years back ---  Maybe I can "leave a sleeping bag rolled up behind your couch!"L:  


   Dave. ---------AKA Ralph Cramden

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