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 Posted: Tue Jan 15th, 2013 09:18 pm
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An interesting discussion has come up over on Large Scale Central, and I'm not sure what the answer is, not that I'm any sort of guru...

Any way, to make a long story short, not that I ever really do that...

There's this guy who has an elevated garden railroad and also counts rivets.  Why he would want to count rivets in a garden railroad escapes me, but I digress. 

To make a long story short... wait, I already said that, didn't I???

He wants to weather the underside of his rail cars, and asks if any of us has ever done this.  Now, frankly, there are few of us who bother to weather our railcars in the first place.  We just leave them out in the weather for a few days or weeks, and that usually takes care of it for us.

Has anybody here ever bothered to weather the underside of your railcars?  Do you consider your railcars incompletely weathered is they are not weathered underneath, on the side of the car that looks directly at the ties (sleepers)?

How would you approach the subject?

What colors would you use?

What would be dark, what would be light?

Would you use any dry brush techniques to bring out details?

This truly is a serious question.  Click here.


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