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 Posted: Fri Feb 1st, 2013 06:05 pm
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Mark R.

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Greetings everyone !

Seems to be a lot of folks here using the Bachmann On30 street car for powering their projects,
so I'm hoping for some insight on the product.

I'm looking to install DCC and sound in one of the 4 wheel street cars as is.
My short-coming is getting the thing apart !

I've installed DCC and sound in numerous engines,
so I won't have any problem once I can figure out how to get this thing apart.

The screws appear to hold the mechanism in place, but I'm a bit stumped with the body.

Bachmann's exploded diagram shows the roof as a separate piece,
but it sure isn't obvious to me how it comes apart. (?)

Any tips or tricks would really be appreciated.



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