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 Posted: 4 Feb 2013 12:05 pm
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Weathering the under-side of rolling stock seems to be a personal question of preference and need.  Many of the ‘great modelers’ of our time have said ‘if you don’t see it leave it’ …others have stated a model should be completed top, sides and bottom.  I guess it’s comes down to one’s modeling psyche…what do you need to feel you meet your challenge.


The first two are dry brush and the large scale it air brushed acrylics.  I choose not to ‘dirty-up’ the underside beyond the color variations in the wood.  I think all this is really a matter of personal taste and need.  Large scale rolling stock does offer the opportunity to develop a finely detailed, painted and weathered model, but at the same time the large size of the models magnifies shortcomings…Larry 

A couple of the finished tank car.

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