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 Posted: Tue Jul 23rd, 2013 01:13 am
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You crack me up!
Converting 3 rail to 2 rail can be easily done in some cases.Changing out trucks and couplers can be done relatively easy on the newer Atlas O freight cars. The newer passenger cars could also be a walk in the park, but the differancein price between 3 rail and 2 rail is literally a few bucks. I have converted 3 rail cars only when the 2 rail were no longer available. It costs more that way, but you have what you want,

Now, as far as the licomtives go.....those are a royal pain in the old keester!!! Converting then from 3 rail not onky consists of turning wheels, flanges and the center roller, but you also have the problem of insulating the trucks and actually changing the wheelsets as 3 rail is AC and 2 rail runs on DC. Then there us the motor........

If you want to convert to P:48, then you have re-gauge the wheelsets and well as the aforementioned changes. You want steam ? Do all of the above and then mill the chassis, get P:48 scale wheels with scale flanges. And theb there's hand laying thr track. House Of Duddy has P:48 flex track, but in all my years in Ow60, the only P:48 switches that are availabke are in kit form and you had better be good at handlaying track as P:48 is very unforgiving. You don' t see many large P:48 railroads out there.

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