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 Posted: Wed Jul 24th, 2013 09:06 pm
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You ask a good question here Mike. After studying that pictured you linked to I can only come up with one answer. I think they are so long because of where the shoe is located, right behind the rear wheel. This puts the fulcrum point from the wheel to the shoe. So I'm speculating here that if it had a short wheel base it could possibly pull a "wheelie". But, looking at all the others it seems they all have the shoes near the cab. Why?, possibility for better visibility? Why not put the cab in the center? Seems like more questions arise than can get answered.

I came up with another idea of how they might have moved. Could there have been two cables in that center portion of the rails they ride on that I showed in that one picture. Kind of like the cable cars in San Francisco. One cable for forward, one cable for backwards?


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