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 Posted: Fri Jul 26th, 2013 04:55 am
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mwiz64 wrote: Try moving a motor shaft with a small gear spinning a large one some time. The motion is smoother because it takes less effort to move the large one. You don't move it as far but the mechanical advantage is huge. Will that actually reduce the friction?.... I have to think about that one a little. It certainly smooths out the bumps and clunky motor operation.The friction gets reduced when you use a smaller number of gears everything else being equal. Two gears molded together (one big paired with a smaller one count as two. More gears=mode friction. Note also that in relatively low precision mechanisms like the drive trains we use most of the time not only the tips of the gear teeth make contact but also the sides of the gears rub one against the other in opposing directions. This is the biggest offender. Jose.

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