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 Posted: Fri Jul 26th, 2013 07:06 am
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Bernd wrote:
Here's a 12 minute video. It shows them actually moving cars.

It looks to me like it could be 2' gauge. I've also come to the conclusion they were electric powered. They must pick up the current between the tracks.

I'm thinking of building a warf unloading diorama featuring a couple of the Hulett un-loaders.  I just recently ordered a Walthers kit and have prints coming for the Hulett un-loader from Bearco Marine Models. They also have HO scale boat kits. I'd like to make it all animated. Tall order I know.


Hi Bernd & all,
I'm betting that they were 3'6" gauge rather than 2' gauge based on the fact that there was a lot on underground mining gear built to that gauge and these units seem to have significant similarities to mining locos and/or coke oven hot cars (aka quencher cars).

Looking at your video, the centre cover between the tracks actually looks like an I Beam that covered the live rails at 2:04 in. You can see the live rail under the centre cover in this video at 1:29 in. This video also gives a whole new meaning to "riding the bucket".

John Garaty
Unanderra in oz
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