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 Posted: Wed Jul 31st, 2013 11:31 am
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I must be really serious about wanting to build a Hulett un-loader diorama since I kept scouring the net for more info. I think I now have complete info to put together for believable model.

I've discovered more info on the poling locomotives with dimensions and that some of these facilities had their own power houses to power the facility. If your interested in how these electric locomotives came about, here's the link. Click on the Shunt engines for a pdf and also the The power House.

If you don't have time to go there here's a couple of Snip-It's giving the pertinent info of the shunter locomotives.

So, mystery solved as to gauge and how they got power. I was right on both accounts of how hopper cars were spotted. They did use a form of cable to pull hoppers under the Hulett for loading and I did take a guess that this shunter engines could be electric powered. Now we know.


NOTE: More pay dirt. There are two articles on constructing a Hulett. In the July 1998 Railmodel Journal, Lawson Stevenson. "Build A Hulett Ore Boat Un-loader"  wrote an article. Complete with drawings. The article can be found here.

A second article can be found here : "Building a Hulett Ore Unloader" by Garry Lance
Railroad Model Craftsman - Oct. 2007 Fortunatley I have that magazine, just need to dig it out of the stack I have.

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