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 Posted: Mon Sep 16th, 2013 04:16 am
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Si , Erb , Woodrow fellers..

Erb cut me off ..or I'd post pitchers...:mex:

The railway is a game board. Operations with car cards.I use dice to generate random movements.

The car cards identify a car. The car card has a pocket . In my pockets..{ no loose change mind you ..:old dude:} I have three , four sided cards ...two spaces each side..facing opposite directions ..

These to be slid into pocket so as to be able to be read.One position will shew above the fold of the pocket.

Six positions on the cards are for MT car movement.six positions are for loaded car movement.The totally convenient six sides ..corresponds ..with Di...Roll the dice baby ...

If you care to move a car..decide whether it is MT or loaded.Roll di , find corresponding number. insert card to shew that move. Move car.

Pockets on fascia are labelled for each industry the cards go in the pockets labelled for the industry where the car is spotted .

The four sided cards have been carefully made to reflect that type of cars destinations. The number of cars which can be handled at that industry , are considered when making the cards.Balancing spotted cars ..OR NOT...

The qustion asked by Si , was , whot pray industries.


I have a gravel plant.with a co-incidental US Borax loading point.

A oil if a refinery

A metal working industry receives steel and ships steel widgets in boxcars.

A foundry which receives steel.

A oil facility for loading fuel barges.

A ship which loads steel into gondola's

A interchange with another railroad.

A spur into the tank for the Pacific harbour tug boat service.

And a car float.takes cars across the bay..

On the layout now are:

Eleven tank cars.

Eleven gondola's { six GS drop bottom and five standard type }all of the gons will load steel , the drop bottom gons will load gravel.

As of now there are no covered hoppers for US Borax loading..I have kits to build a few.{ # to be determined }

three boxcars

Six reefers

I hope that answers the question.

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