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 Posted: Fri Oct 4th, 2013 04:01 am
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Woodrow Si Al..fellers...

I wish i could post fotos..we are trying to keep this thread alive...Si is helping me..OF ..course..If I had done anything ..I would have something for you to watch...

the car float / nee ferry is on the plate..I think I have figgered out how..the foam used is 1.5 inches thick..the other is one..I want to use a bit of door skin to shimmer up...I want to build a side wheeler steamer ..but the era is a bit off..?..

I wanted to make a bit of height the boat and the land..course one tempts the gods of derailismus..

Aaaahooom : bow to ...ONTHEGROUND...great god..

I did some productive house stuff today..maybe trains stuff tomorrow..

First fire in the woodstove..this eve,,..

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