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 Posted: Fri Oct 11th, 2013 03:09 pm
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What r we Mining??? If n its IRON ore yer fine if its Copper, your still OK..If its Gold, then yea maybe too much red tint.,, t, the good news is this...once you add a scattering of greenery ( Ground covers and trash etc it all kinda blends and tones down the would be surprised...its pretty hard to screw up rock unless you plan on it all being BARE ROCK in which case practice practice practice ( its also how you get awarded the good ol MMR status, the dream of every model railroader...the benefits of this of course wont get you a cup of coffee, however you r entitled to get a custom license plate that says MMR 4 ME..:rah::rah::rah: OK Carry On!!:Salute:

Getting old aint for Sissies!!! ;)
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