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 Posted: Thu Oct 17th, 2013 11:44 pm
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Hi Charley & Alwin :wave:

A couple of pages back<...
...after your visit to the Bay Area Electric Railway Museum...
...Alwin expressed an interest in the type of 'old school' hoppers in the B&W pic.

The character being; low-sides & end-platfroms (my interpretation).

...I knew I'd seen some somewhere; but couldn't quite place 'em.

From a model railway brochure, as a kid, was where !

This is Brit. firm - 'Tri-ang' product # R111

It was probably made in the very early '70s (I had some Tri-ang stuff & still do)

The car is from their 'Transcontinental' range...
...which was supposed to represent North American prototypes.

Dunno if it was for us Euro. types...
...or if any made the trip across 'the pond' on a car-float; & got sold in the USofA.

Anyone ever see any Tri-ang stuff in America ?

The little silver & black gizzmos on the underframe...
...are part of the fiendishly clever (Pat. Pending) Tri-ang ore unloading system !

Magni-mechanical; I believe !

Tri-ang 'ore' was a yellowy, grainy, plasticy stuff (gold ?)...
...but you could just as well save yourself a Shilling or two; & use dirt from the garden.

You would have to be :brill: to fit a Kadee #5 to this; although anything is do-able.

The trucks are FANTASTIC ! very heavy metal frames...
...NOT needle-bearings; but straight through; with a hole in the axle-box for oil !

The wheel-sets are stainless axles & phenolic-resin wheels (I think)...
...the flanges are NOT nmra RP25, or anything like it.

The term 'steamroller flanges' was invented to describe these wheels.

Having said that ... they never derailed EVER on my early '70s layout.

A few more words on them to follow (maybe).

All the best.





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