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 Posted: Thu Nov 21st, 2013 07:25 pm
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" What is interesting to note IMHO, that the 'Davis Motor Mine' critter has a reversing gearbox "

Thanks Helmut for that.

I was wondering about reverse.
The speeder HAS to be light enough; to be LIFTED, for reversing.

In Ray's 2nd & 3rd proto-photos 'actual handles' can be seen at the front.
I guess at the back as well.
They are lifted & turned, like a stretcher, by 2 or perhaps more people.
Jose's proto-photo; shows very light construction...
...1"ish tube, thin plywood & sheet-metal.

'Davis Motor Mine' looks VERY heavy.
It looks unlikely it could be lifted easily.
...It is 'the odd one out'.
It is clearly a proper 'locomotive'; the weight adding to slow speed traction.

The words of wisdom of Herr Bert, come to mind here.

" If you're going to do a 'freelance'...
...make sure you understand the engineering "

Or something like that.

Thanks Herr Bert...
...Your words of wisdom stuck in my mind, like Zen philosophy !

Obvious perhaps ?...
...maybe not ?...
...but VERY TRUE !.

All the best.



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