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 Posted: Sun Nov 24th, 2013 12:09 am
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Hi Bill :wave:

Nice to have a talk with you & the other 'chatterboxers' in The Line Shack last weekend. :bg:

I came across that 1:9 Harley recently as well; looking for 1:35 bikes.

It's BIG ! :shocked:

I made a 1:12 Virago Chopper a whiles back; BIG is good for bikes.

That Harley you have Bill; would be a stunning 'shelf-queen' for a bike fan ! :s:

- - - - - - -

Also Bill...

...The railcar I was trying to describe, in The Line Shack chat...

...was of interest to me for several reasons... of which was to do with 'reversing'; issues of which have come up here.

As I said to Herb earlier on; when it comes to 'autos' like bikes, tractors & railcars...

...I don't know $4!& ... but I am here to learn !! :dope:

One of these days I may just start on a layout ! ... :slow:

...what I have sketched so far, is all based on 'switchback' type trackage.

Need I say more about 'reversing'.

This lil' baby is WAY too long for any small layout I'm likely to make.

But 2 autos joined like this, does I guess kinda solve 'the reversing problem'.

As I said ... been looking at 1:35 kit posibilities.

Less 'hood' & less 'middle' ... could look COOL !

Jose ... remembering this crazy-railcar (sort of)...

...was after seeing your Eureka railcar proto-photos.

I realy like the 'late build' (?) 'streamliner look'.

- - - - - - -

Still messin' with the Tamiya 1:35 Harley + other wheels/underframes...

...I thought I would find what I was lookin' for in this fairly quickly...

...but so far ... ?

Oh well ... only had the Harley Kit to mess with since Tuesday nite. L:

More later.




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