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 Posted: Sat Nov 30th, 2013 11:14 pm
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Hi Alwin

No rush ! ... If the railroad 'mixed-train' don't get in till next week...
...none o' the locals are gonna bat an eyelid !!

Fantastic bridge Alwin.
I love 'em all ... but the look of a train going 'through' a nice truss; takes some beating !

Good to hear about the lights Alwin.
I just use the 500 Watt halogen for photos realy.
I dunno how you could 'permanently' light a layout with one...
...probably can't.
The LED's sound good, if they are bright enough.

Woodie has the best layout lighting...
...and he didn't even pay for it; or gets a monthly bill.
Smart ! (a$$)

Looks like the KM&RC is gonna be shipping some serious tonnage pretty soon !
Can't wait !

All the best.




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