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 Posted: Sat Dec 28th, 2013 04:43 am
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Hi Alwin,
It looks like you've made a lot of good progress on your railroad in a very short period of time. It looks good.

However, there is one thing that I thought I would mention in regards to your bridge. I've built Howe truss bridges so when I saw your bridge it didn't look quite "right" to me. Apart from the actual "truss",  which I know is still under construction and seems to be missing some diagonal parts, the timbers that support the track are a bit different than I'm used to seeing. Maybe at this point a picture would explain more clearly than words.

Here is a photo of a bridge I scratch built in about 1968; it's still hanging in there (so to speak). You can see there are cross-wise timbers that sit on top of the bottom chords of the trusses and they support the track stringers.

Here's a link to a commercially available bridge that shows the same support structure. Now these will pass when examined by a building inspector.

All that being said, it looks you've still made more progress toward completing your railroad, scenery all all, than I've have in the last 40 odd years at this.

Dennis aka JawboneFlats
(Soon to be roundly condemned as a nit-pickin' rivet counter...) 

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