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 Posted: Sat Dec 28th, 2013 08:39 pm
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Hi Dennis,

Thanks for you comment but what you said is not quite right. Before I've build this bridge I did some research on truss bridges.
Many truss bridges have a complete cross but that's not necessary. There are also may bridges with only one of the two diagonals of the cross.
Depending on the direction, / or \ , the diagonals are under tension or under pressure.
See also the bridge in this link

On the second part  of your comment you say that the support of the track stringers is not right. But also that can be done in different ways, see the following link:

What I do miss are some diagonals from the side of the truss to the truss to prevent the truss form falling. This can happen when a sideways force is on the truss, like wind or a not perfectly vertical placed truss.

I hope this explains my design of the bridge a little.


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