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 Posted: Sun Dec 29th, 2013 06:41 am
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Hi Alwin,
Well, I guess my eyes are just a bit too provincial when they attempt to make off-hand evaluations of truss bridge structures.

Honestly, I had not been aware of the Allen truss, although after Googling it, I see that it is a variation developed from the Howe truss. (Also from the web, it is my impression that the Allen truss was primarily used on roads, but I could easily have gotten that wrong.) In my comments I was specifically referencing the Howe truss, and when I said your bridge "didn't look quite 'right' to me" and that "the timbers that support the track are a bit different than I'm used to seeing", those are actual facts based on my experience with the Howe truss bridges. Please excuse my ignorance.

Thanks for the explanation. Keep up the good work.

Dennis aka JawboneFlats

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