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 Posted: Thu Jan 9th, 2014 09:51 pm
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Hi Woodie,

This was indeed Talyllyn No 7. A not very successful conversion of an old Mercury tractor to rail use - it only lasted about 4 years as such. The 'jack' was a portable jack placed beneath this thing when it required turning; not like a built in RV type levelling jack. Apparently it needed at least 2 men to ensure the correct balance whilst turning. I don't know where the jack was carried.

I have found another photo if you require it - intriguingly with a different wheel arrangement. My camera de-materialised from my suitcase during Carnival-Cunard's baggage handling operation  i.e. some bastard stole it & I don't have a scanner. I got Mrs Salada to photo the print for you with her Eyepad thingy but I can't move the photo she sent to my E mail inbox over to my desk-top. If you need a photo of No 7 then PM me & please wait till I've got a new camera.

Regards                       Michael

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