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 Posted: Fri Mar 14th, 2014 02:49 pm
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Hi Tony M from Ipswich QLD and from what I have seen is pure awesome, I too am going HO scale garden railway now I know it an be done.

I model both Aussie and US trains and some British trains, aiming more at US trains Union Pacific

My HO scale garden railway will be modelled on the Tehachapi loop as my pergola floor isn't level with the car port floor by 9 inches. My layout won't be permanently set up be like a module layout, mainly interested in running long trains, longer the better.

The layout will go out into the yard and at a latter stage down the side of the house, first stage 53ft by 24ft.

Most of my Aussie locos are NR's with older locos and I have mainly UP AC/4400 locos.

Modelling The DD's locos got one DD40 UP and have scratch built a DD35/B loco which I am working on, both have dual motors. Also have Those Amtrak super liners, want to model the Amtrak Auto train.
Got one DD40AX centennial loco pained up in UP colours with the running number 6936 a Bachmann loco.

Also modelling the Boeing 737 fuselages on 89ft flat wagons nearly got one fuselage finished builtbfrom scratch.

NO idea on how to add pics to the posts, once I find out will keep everyone informed on my progress.


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