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 Posted: Tue Mar 25th, 2014 04:53 am
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Question: How do you screw up that bad in the 21st century?

Saved up for a number of months last year out of my Social Security Disability income to buy 2 of the new Seaboard Air Line GP40 when they finally got released after several delays. Ordered them through our little, struggling, getting near dead, local hobby shop to help Mike out.
When the real ones left EMD in 1966 they were in a lime green instead of Pullman green in use on previous freight diesels and got nicknamed the Jolly Green Giants.
See photo of real #626

Now, see photo of Bachmann's brand new model next to Walthers/LifeLike GE in the lime green.

And that brings us back to the question, How do you screw up that bad in the 21st century?
28 seconds in Google would have gotten the right color.
And then there's the ACL SAL Historical Society.
And then there is this book from 15 years ago

And plenty of other web, book, and periodical references out there, it isn't like the color info is arcane knowledge reserved for twenty millionth degree Masons.

Anyway, Mike mistakenly ordered just 1 of the locos where I had put in for 2.
so, what's going to effectively happen here is that since I am so disappointed in Bachmann and not going to get the second one, Mike is effectively getting fined a hundred dollars for Bachmann's gaffe. Not fair to him, but some days retail sucks, I know, I did retail for 23 years.
Still have 2 of the Atlantic Coast Line GP30 on order, we shall see how badly Bachmann fubars those: or should I just go ahead and cancel them and fine Mike another two hundred dollars for someone else's screwup?

See y'all later, Forrest.
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