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 Posted: Wed Mar 26th, 2014 03:13 am
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It is bringing to mind the thoughts and feelings from a number of years back when I said, fergit HO, too frustrating, and went over to the dark side of On30 and Gn15.
For the last 5 to several years have been returning to HO so as to participate in our little farming burg's then-new local/regional model RR club with its HO modular layout.
I have 4x 4ft long modules in it for A 16 foot long town, a hair over 1/4 mile in HO, with 11 places to switch industries, a passing track, and a run around track on the passing siding.
While I have been putting what health and money I have in to that, my personal On30 and Gn15 have gone nowhere.
Having grown up in mid-atlantic & southeast, I have bought somenew and used HO, engines and cars, Chessie, SAL, ACL, N&W, to have to run on club layout since what of the old HO I kept other than some traction and a couple steamers, is now under On30 and Gn15 projects, almost all only partly done to greater or lesser degree.

In 1980s and 1990s I made some pretty decent pocket money doing custom painting, and some custom building like N&W hich nose conversions and BN fuel tender cars, but on account of health, those days are long finished; is open question as to if my narrow gaugers will ever get any further.

Kathy had wanted the new Katy GP40 for her birthday so I also got one of those, it looks grand, probably some imperfections, but in the overall, quite nice. The new Chessie GP40 road number GP40 also looks good. But that Seaboard one ...

See y'all later, Forrest.
Screw the rivets, I'm building for atmosphere
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