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 Posted: Mon Mar 31st, 2014 01:22 pm
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Yes it is done or done more. I have not had hardly anytime to work on anything on my own layout or stuff. I've taken on working on a On3 layout with another friend. He built the layout for a customer and I'm doing the structures. The layout is loosely placed in the 40's and in Chama, New Mexico. The structures are all of the town, mine complex, sawmill, and some small associated buildings. Around 30 in all. Zooming right along, I've got four done. The strucures are primarily Banta, BarMills, and KMP. I hope to post some pics soon. The owner of the layout has had me building rolling stock as well. Amazing how much time it eats up. Sure glad I like doing this kind of stuff. One piece I'm kind of proud of is a small mercury retort, to be used on my layout at the sampling works of the mine.
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