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 Posted: Wed Oct 8th, 2014 04:43 am
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Dave B


Well,I signed up a few weeks ago but have been lurking ever since. Figured I'd jump in and test the waters. I'm a 64 year old retiree from a large amusement park in northern Ohio.I was a ride maint. tech (roller coaster mechanic) for 28 years. Too much climbing made me realize that this was a young mans game,so I pulled the plug and took early retirement a few years ago.My back and knees have been thanking me ever since. I got started in model railroading in 1985 when I bought my son a Tyco train set for Christmas. Went to the local hobby shop for extra track and was informed of the local clubs Christmas open house. I was really impressed with some of the scenery on their modules. Then I bought the Jan.86 Model Railroader and saw an article by Malcom Furlow.(I know all the Malcom haters are grinding their teeth,but he is the one who really got me hooked on this hobby). The rest is history, I had the disease,I was obsessed.I read every book on building a layout that I could get my hands on.In 1989,I built a wall down the middle of my garage and announced that all vehicles from this moment forward shall be driveway dwellers. I didn't have a car worth protecting from the weather anyway.So one side is my shop and the other was designated "The Train Room". I started my HO scale layout after insulating and painting.It took a long time to settle on a track plan,but with some modifications made I decided on a plan from a Kalmbach book.It was a generic type of a freelanced road set in the transition era.No major industries or a reason for the railroads existance and I burned out after five years of complete obsession. A trip to the Black Hills in South Dakota in 1999 rekindled the fire. I bought a book about the railroad history of the Hills. I got interested in mining and logging. After awhile, I decided to go with a logging theme with a little mining thrown in. After much thinking about it,I decided to keep my original track plan and model a free lanced standard gauge layout with a narrow gauge flavor. I will try to follow the practices of the Diamond and Caldor RR and the Michigan-California Lumber Co.set in the Sierra-Nevada mountains of northern California.Seeing as both those roads went belly-up maybe this isn't such a good idea,but,what the hell,I have never been accused of having made sound buisness decisions. So I am in the process of restoring my backdrop and redoing my scenery. It will be a turn of the 20th century era set in the late 1800s to the early 1900s. I have many craftsman kits to build and am getting my feet wet in scratch building. I guess I've rambled long enough, I look forward to getting involved and sharing ideas and learning from the many fine craftsmen in this group. I hope I haven't bored you too much and thanks for allowing me to join. Dave

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