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 Posted: Wed Oct 15th, 2014 05:18 am
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Neville R

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I have just joined and already notice a couple of blokes names that I know,
one I even went to school with !

Hi Rod, remember Coburg Tech in the 50's ?

Anyway my layout is O-scale USA 1/48
It's a switching layout in a room in my house.
It's called 'Bay Ridge Harbor Rail Road' (BRHRR).

I am not a professional modeller,
just a bloke who bumbles his way along, and learns from books and forums like this.
Not that I post on many forums, not enough time.

I am glad to be excepted into such an illustrious group of blokes.
I was going to say elite, but I don't like that word, you can use it though!

Hope to post a few pictures soon.
They will be new, as I don't like repeating pictures I may have already posted.
Exception real old one's.

Nev. (Neville R)

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