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 Posted: Fri Dec 19th, 2014 09:39 am
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This is the only available photo of the station yard at Veilbronn, it was used for loading and storing timber. Out of sight, to the right of the train and hidden by the treeline was the station building.

Trying replicate this simple scene in the space available is going to be a challenge.

The white rectangle represents the base of the wooden building that once stood in the yard. To recreate the yard, a layer of Chinchilla Dust was sieved over wet PVA and then sanded after it was dry, the resulting imperfections are typical of a rural location. 

At the other end of the yard, stands the station building, apparantly on a flat surface however there is a platform and roadway.

The grey surface is Heki Asphalt dusted with a mixture of white/yellow powder paint to highlight imperfections and kill the uniformity of the colour. Later applications of grass and foliage will highlight the changes in surface height and soften the hard edges.

Tim H

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