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 Posted: Tue Jan 6th, 2015 08:55 am
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On a big high ,have redesigned the whole layout track plan, one of the biggest changes is the Tehachapi loop tunnel 9 modules. Have moved them down five feet which has made a big difference and the loop is closer to the back of the house too so I can model the TL as close as I can , the days have been a lot more pleasant than they have been so got a change to do some work on the layout.

Wow very excited as the new changed have worked out, now the big job in levelling the track decking an laying track to run the first train on the loop, cant wait.

Since the last posting on this thread I have discovered the forum gallery thanks to Bernd and posting my pics from the gallery, love this forum, pure awesome.

I am thinking of finding out where I can get some help to fast the construction on the layout, frees me up in doing all the other fiddly work on the layout track laying wiring and scenery.

What does everyone think, long way to go exciting stuff, Tony :2t::rah::bg::glad::wave:

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