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 Posted: Wed Jan 7th, 2015 08:25 pm
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Hi Herb, thanks if I do bit every few days , I will get there and getting help will be a bonus, going to a meeting tonight will find out who to contact.

Where the loop is now, have done it in such away I don't need the loop set up to continue with the rest of the track doing the grade levels

How do you change the colour front I tried and hasn't worked, may be if I post the reply it may change.

Have to redesign the entrance track coming into the station platforms, for the better, if you google Google earth and put a search in on Sydney central station you will see what I mean. The new design will be the same, only modelling quarter of the platforms as there 28 all up will take up the whole of the pergola floor and there is lower platforms also.

How are you copping with that snap freeze again, we put a whinge it dropping down to -5c, if we got down to -45c we would be in trouble.

Happy modelling Tony

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